How to Reset the Dell Laptop Password without any Disk?

Every time Dell surprises its user with its new features and modernization in its laptops, it always goes with the new trends. The new range of Dell laptops has a finger impression lock which user can use to protect their device from other people. You can add multiple fingers impression on it to give access to other users to use your device. Dell provides double security to its user to protect their device; the user has to set a password, then they can add their finger impression. However, if the user is unable to add his/her finger or maybe some other issue, so they can enter a password to open it.

In case you don’t want to open your laptop with your fingerprint and then you realized that you forgot the password because you never try to enter your laptop password early. So, don’t worry we have the solution you just need to follow the given steps carefully.

  • Switch off your laptop and wait for few minutes and then again open it.
  • Press “F11” key multiple times and select the "Dell Recovery Manager" wait till the program is loaded.
  • Continue with this and select "System Recovery".
  • Wait for few minutes so the computer installs all the important programs and remove password from your laptop.
  • Now restart your device and you will not need to enter any password to open it.

You can create a new password and write it somewhere in safe, in case you forget it again, then you can take from there. To reach us, you can dial 048879150 for Dell Support NZ and talk to our customer executives; they will guide you through the process. We are in the business from very long and have built a strong team to tackle every kind of technical glitch due to which you are suffered or presently suffering.

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