How to Speed Up a Dell Laptop?

It is very frustrating and annoying when you are doing some important work on your laptop and suddenly your system slows down which prevents you from working with an efficient speed. You can speed up your laptop if you correctly track down the methods to fix this issue.

Here, Contact Dell Support NZ, we provide the accurate and simple technique via which you can speed up your system and work with an efficiently.

  • Firstly, uninstall all the unused programs from your laptop. To perform this, go to start menu, then open control panel and select Add/remove program option.
  • Then navigate the unused programs from the list of programs and then after finding all programs, click on uninstall/ remove button to delete all the unwanted programs to speed up your system.
  • After that, run spyware removal tool in order to remove all the unwanted spyware and malware from your system. Dell laptop comes with pre-installed spyware program. If not then you can download it.
  • Then clear all the internet caches by opening tools menu and select “internet option’. You will first see the general tab and then click ‘Delete files’ under the browsing history. It will remove all the temporary internet files and speed up your browser.
  • Now you have defragmented your hard drive. It works by piecing together fragmented pieces of your hard drive in a nutshell. To perform this job, go to start menu and click on All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools and then tap on ‘Disk Defragmenter’. After performing this, your laptop will run faster.

If still, you encounter any obstacle while executing the process, then connect with our experts via Dell Support Number NZ (048879150 ) and get instant help and guidance from our highly-qualified experts.